She started studying photography in 1990, inspired by her great passion for visual art.

She attended many specialization courses (portrait, fashion, nude, wedding, development and printing in B/W) in Bologna, Milan and Brescia.

Fascinated by the role of technology in modern photography, she participated in web design and advanced digital imaging courses.

Between 1993 and 1995 she gained professional experiences working as an assistant.

Afterwards, she managed the photography studio 'Mascarella' in Bologna e collaborated with the photo agency ‘Flash’ again in Bologna.


  • 6th Feb to 10th Feb 2011, group show “ANOTHER VIEW vs BLACK & WHITE” in the Spazio San Giorgio  Art gallery in Bologna (Italy)

  • 27th Feb to 23rd April 2010, solo show “NATURA: RICORDI E SOGNI” (nature: memories and dreams) in ESTRAVAGARIO in Bologna

  • 28th Feb to 14th March 2010, third Arte Indaco group show “ART MATER” in the former “aula consiliare” (council room) in Nova Milanese (Italy)

  • 16th May to 16th Sept 2009, solo show “SPIRIT (My spirit comes from afar)" held in Muteneye, Bologna.

  • 4th March 2009, participated in the event “MENO MALE” (thank god!) organized by Telefono Rosa and Bottega Indaco in the theatre Victoria in Turin (Italy)

  • 4th to 22nd Dec 2008,  first Arte Indaco group show held in Energea, Milan (Italy)

  • 27th Sept to 28th Nov 2008, solo show “DO NOT CROSS THE RAILWAY LINES” (black & white prints) held in ESTRAVAGARIO in Bologna and previously, between 29th Dec 07 and 11th Jan 08, in GALLERIA 43 Lanterna Magica in Palermo

  • In November 2002, solo show “METRONIRICA” (colour prints) held within Ryokan, Bologna; in December 2002, within the bookstore Dante in Palermo, edited by the “Gente di Fotografia” magazine

  • Between January 2002 and December 2002, solo show “MY SPIRIT COMES FROM AFAR” (colour prints) displayed on the virtual gallery of the website gentedifotografia.it (edited by the “Gente di Fotografia” magazine).

  • April 2001, solo show “PROSPECTIVES IN BLACK & WHITE” (black & white prints) held in the Quintex Photography Studio in Budrio (Bo)

  • February 2001, solo show “IMPRESSIONS” (cibachrome) displayed within the head office of “Relax” a cultural association in Quarto Inferiore, Bologna

  • Over 1999 – 2000 – 2001, “OUR HEART IS A PRECIOUS AND FRAGRANT JEWEL” (colour prints) group travelling show of painting and photography

  • May 1997, “NIGHT TIME RAILS” (black & white prints) solo show displayed in Café’ Follies in Bologna as a part of the photographic manifestation, “Mayday-Maynight” organised by the Municipality

  • March 1994, “MARITTIMA” (cibachrome) held in the civic centre of the Savena district in Bologna and in May of the same year, “NUDE AL FEMMINILE” (cibachrome) within the cultural association “Il Rovescio” in Bologna.



  • Annual Art Report “Arte Indaco” – 2010

  • Art Catalogue “Arte Indaco” – 2010

  • Art Catalogue “Arte Indaco” – 2008

  • Calendar 2007 'The treasures of Ferrara'
  • Bologna Magazine edited by the local council itself between 1993 – 94